Our focus is to help people harness their human energy.

Our drive is to guide leaders in energizing people to achieve their full potential as whole human beings.


Growing Human Energy

People increasingly want to be more true to their purpose and passion for life. Discord at work, home or in our community depletes our energy.  Living each day more aware, coherent and in alignment with why we are alive renews our spirit, mind, emotions and body.  Pursuing happiness becomes secondary to living purposefully and powerfully.

Understanding our personal energy system and power to choose the life we want provides the tools to live a more fulfilling life. Experiential programs delivered through workshops, events and coaching combinations energize people like never before.

VeraHeart's Heart-Field Man

We are explorers of all things human energy.


This curiosity fuels our questioning, findings, development and coaching.

We have been integrating peer-reviewed studies, repeatable practices and making coaching tools available to better manage our energy, individual and collectively. Our objective is to distill new efficacious human energy models, techniques and implementation methods for leaders to effectively deploy in their company, organization or community.

VeraHeart integrates, advances and develops the program materials, facilitation processes and development tools that Coaches and Trainers utilize to work with groups of people Powering Up Their Purpose.