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People increasingly want to be more whole, more true, to their purpose and passion for life. Discord at work, home or in our community depletes our energy.  Living each day more aware, coherent and in alignment with why we are alive renews our spirit, mind, emotions and body.  Pursuing happiness becomes secondary to living purposefully and powerfully. Understanding our personal energy system and power to choose the life we want provides the tools to live a more fulfilling life.

Energized People and Companies

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Transformational Team Building

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Teams don’t just need to function better, they need to be transformed to work in a crazy, cool and constantly changing world.  Transformation requires working with individuals as a part of a team aligned to the organization served.  Transformation must be heart-centered and mindful.  Teambuilding necessarily takes on a new paradigm.  The team’s energy once found is moved to direct the power of the individuals to unleash never before imagined results.

Billions of dollars are spent in healthcare, fitness and self-improvement looking for instant cures.  But we only change by constantly remaking the same choice over and over each day until new habits are unconsciously sustained.  The most successful personal growth happens when we build a pyramid of success whose foundation is awareness and then alignment of our beliefs and truth.  Only then can our relationships reinforce the changes we pursue for self-improvement.  As successes accumulate, our personal power increases and self-esteem rises.  We are energized and begin to live more of our whole being.  Spirit, mind, emotions and body collaborate to live the fulfilling life we dreamed.

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“Thank you VeraHeart for providing a source in finding hope through the Power of Hope module. I am recommending this for everyone!” ~ Karen

“VeraHeart came into my life at a time when I was seeking various paths to take with my life course. After learning of this program I knew it was what I needed giving me directions to new thoughts, energy and love. I am walking this path and finding peace within. Thank you for taking me on this journey. ” ~ Willo

“Just the discipline of taking the morning time to do the exercises was so difficult for me. But I thought I could push through it for 14 days. I did! I was so happy that each day I was rewarded with a new idea or insight about problems with family, friends or work. I am more aware now.” ~ Sandra

“The Power of Love program did an excellent job for me shifting my focus more into my heart center and becoming more compassionate toward myself and others. I realized great power in compassion, especially when it was found in the midst of a challenging time when old beliefs of thinking ‘I cannot do it’ tried to get in the way. Thank you!”- Lilly

“I saw how being more vulnerable could actually give me more hope. Without vulnerability we can’t touch another’s soul or our own. I’m such an expressive person that I sometimes speak before thinking… or feeling. When I feel fear or get hurt I could shut down, be closed. But, that is not me! With the Power Series I learned how to be authentic and vulnerable.” ~ L.M.


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 This team of coaches is inspired and inspiring many people and teams to unlock their energy, potential and purpose!  Learn more…


The Power 7 Series brings lasting change to the people in your organization. Expand the heart of your organization to unleash transformative results needed.

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The most successful life changes are those that we choose to make for ourselves. Choice is the first reason for success. Why? It’s pretty simple: it’s hard to step outside of ourselves, set aside our ego, look at all the uglies and pretties, then have faith that the choices we make will take us to our desired life destination.

You need to trust in how to navigate to that destination. Therefore, choice is not the only success ingredient. Three additional ingredients determine success in guiding life changes: a coach, great materials and a winning formula.


The support integrated to inspire, connect, review and guide from a coach, mentor or confidants are just as important to lasting change. Support from a VeraHeart Certified Coach is included in the purchase of your program.


We have pulled together deeply impactful materials that you need to help set course to a fulfilling life.  Real. Honest. Thoughtful. Moving. Hopeful. Inspired.  These are some of the adjectives used to describe the core of the personal development content for the programs introduced by VeraHeart through the Power Series.


The formula built into these personal development programs provides a realistic, achievable, life-changing opportunity… even in these chaotic, over-stressed and challenging times. Can you spare just 30 minutes a day for 14 consecutive days to change your life?

All of these ingredients – your choice, life-changing materials, winning formula and support system guided by a professional coach — are packaged in each guided personal development program from VeraHeart.  We call these programs the Power Series for a reason: you will find your power to create the more fulfilling life you desire!


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