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The support of a coach is the new secret to why people and businesses succeed.

Committed, Intuitive, Personally Successful, Inspiring

We are a team of coaches and consultants with extensive implementation experience, off-the-chart passion for your achievement and spirits that lift others wherever we work. Our focus is on your purposeful future, fostering excited accountability in individual and team performance, while aligning personal journeys to your company mission.

We are leaders in devising new methods for executive and employee engagement, helping our clients achieve fulfilling lives in and beyond work. Our implementation leadership includes: Heartfulness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and purposeful happiness.

In every engagement, project and program, we are known for helping our clients bridge concepts to implementation.  Sometimes the needs are fundamental (handling change, working well in teams or improving interpersonal relationships) and often our focus is on guiding the creation of a company’s culture, leadership, individual resilience and unique organization signature.

What You Can Expect From Us

What You Can Expect From Us

1. Create a safe environment in which you see yourself more authentically and clearly

2. Identify gaps between where you are and where you want to be

3. Ask for more intentional thought, aligned words and changed behaviors than you might not have demanded of yourself before

4. Guide the building of the self-managed structure, excited accountability, and engaged support necessary to achieve sustained commitment

We encourage you to get to know our coaches. 

Our coaches are available to work with you to chart your own course, create your own change and live your purpose or dreams fully.

Lane Michel

Coach Lane Michel
There is a time in our life when we realize that our heart has an adventure that is distinctly different than the daily life we have grown into. Lane helps people remember and live this heart adventure (our purpose). Teams and organizations go through the same search for “success”. As a coach and consultant, he has helped many reach deep into their truth to make positive changes. He creates and sources materials for VeraHeart that inspire, support and illuminate. Lane is a Heartmath® Certified Trainer. 

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Shereen Eltobgy

Shereen is a coach, consultant and global speaker whose purpose is to energize, invigorate and liberate human potential. By generating authentic experiences, she helps people and teams identify and catalyze their personal and professional purposes. By cultivating Heart Intelligence (HQ™) and Core Energies™, she elevates the bottom lines of businesses around the world and transforms lives. Shereen is focused on VeraHeart’s work with teams and companies.

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Jennifer Monahan

Coach Jennifer Monahan
As a certified life coach, Jennifer helps people identify and integrate changes into their life. As a shamanic healer, she coaches people choosing to make major spirit evolution shifts. Together, these two modalities are extremely powerful. She brings a level of compassion and understanding to her coaching and healing work that makes clients feel they are truly understood and listened to.

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Lynda Nguyen

Coach Lynda Nguyen
Lynda is a Silicon Valley’s Confidence Coach. She works with executives and teams in the Bay Area. She is a professional motivational coach trained as a Firewalking Instructor, master hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner (health certified), Kundalini/Tantra yoga instructor, and Heartmath® Certified Trainer. Embodying a holistic approach, Lynda’s calling is to support her clients to become connected leaders — offering tools to build personal power and empowered relationships within the community. 

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Karen Sullivan

Coach Karen Sullivan
Since 1999, Karen has applied natural techniques with her broad range of clients to get life back on track in the quickest way possible with permanent or long lasting results. Her skills and certifications in hypnotherapy, life coaching and NLP modalities assist clients in gaining awareness, clarity and relaxation along with an endless list of life possibilities in living a more fulfilled life. Whether a current life stumbling block, renewal of purpose or personal improvement, amazing life changing benefits are just a choice away.

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Laurie Bagley

Laurie is a certified health coach, entrepreneurial business owner, educator and holds an M.S. in Outdoor Adventure Leadership. Her coaching focus is on assisting people in reaching their health/wellness/fitness, financial and personal growth goals. Laurie models discipline, commitment, vulnerability and the journey to achieving life goals as the 6th woman to summit Mt. Everest from the North Col route.

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Erin Kinney

Erin is a CTI trained coach, facilitator and alchemist of the heart and body. Her unique intuitive ability, attentiveness and present nature allows for people to feel instantly heard, acknowledged and supported. She helps clients discover their own personal freedom through the experience of embodying their most empowered self, naturally unleashing purpose, true heart’s desire and alignment with a more authentic path and self expression.

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Are you interest in joining the VeraHeart Coach Team?

We review submissions to look for Certified Life Coaches who have experience with virtual coaching, utilizing experiential materials and leading support groups through programs.

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