Empowering Teams

Empowering Teams

The only new territory for exponential growth is people. Empowering people that fuel growth means developing energized people and teams.

  • Forward-thinking companies empower self-managed teams.

  • Goals become about achieving both results AND fulfillment.

  • Employees demand an experience, not a just career.

  • Employee experience is engaging the whole being – spirit, emotion, mind and body.

  • When their heart if engaged, people are more resilient and make better choices.

We move employees and teams from dis-engagement to authentic empowerment. We expand the heart of your organization to unleash results!

We coach leadership at all levels.  We help leaders grow empathy, intuitive listening, align personal values with company culture, empower choice with accountability, produce positive customer experiences, and achieve more through unlocking potential.

Empowering Teams

Organizations of all sizes can benefit

Believe it to see it

  • Inspire your people and teams to flourish

  • Unleash the potential of your employees and teams

  • Expand the heart and culture of your organization

  • Innovate by harnessing experiential people development with coaching

  • Create lasting change in people and teams

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The 7 modules of the series are crafted specifically for teams of people to experience finding, sourcing, opening and then unleashing their unique potential. This free sample of The Power to Speak Your Truth is provided to demonstrate the rhythm and experiential exercise content of each of the VeraHeart Power 7 Series programs.

The Power to Speak Your Truth Trial VersionThe Power to Speak Your Truth Trial Version

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Power of Belief

The Power of Belief (Teams)

•  Dreams are meant to be fulfilled.

•  A life of fulfillment is realized by those who put their wishes into action.

•  Worst words spoken at the end of our life would be:

•  “It could have been”. ”It might have been”. “It should have been”.

•  Rewarding work / life is not just based on the end goal:

•  It is based on how we take the journey.

Power to Speak Your Truth

The Power to Speak Your Truth (Teams)


•  Truthful communication is the underpinning to success.

•  Stepping out of fear and into practiced listening opens our voice.

•  Pausing to listen, understand and then choose a response builds powerful and smart solutions.

•  The energy of respect, kindness and inspiration surround all communication… making these positive harnesses collective power.

Power of Conflict Resolution

The Power of Conflict Resolution (Teams)

•  Learn how to deal with conflicts or problems consciously and effectively.

•  Guides us to intelligent responses and actions that inevitably lead to peaceful solutions, which then feeds our own empowerment.

•  Becoming more aware of our emotions and choosing our response to conflicts will even allow us to avert more problems.

Power of Positive Cause & Effect

The Power of Positive Cause and Effect (Teams)


•  What we say, what we do, what we decide, where we go, how we handle life all has to do with cause and effect.

•  Life is what we think it will be.

•  Decisions we make come from what we perceive is happening.

•  So, it behooves us to stop, contemplate, study, observe and then act.

•  We owe it to ourselves to take charge and lead in our own individual CAUSE by looking at the EFFECT we want to achieve.

Power of Happiness

The Power of Happiness (Teams)

•  In this world of “haves” and “have-nots” we can associate happiness with some thing material or physical.

•  True happiness comes from within, something we are born with and self-develop.

•  A feeling of joy that we get from something outside of ourselves is momentary; A feeling of joy that we get from something inside of ourselves is everlasting.

•  In the end, a happier life is a decision… a choice.

Power of Love

The Power of Love (Teams)


•  Love is the most important aspect of being human. It keeps our heart beating.

•  Yet, it is also what is missing most within our world. Love is misunderstood. Love is not a word, it is an action.

•  We cannot grow without relationships – the experience of being loved and loving another. Yet, we cannot have solid relationships unless we have a good loving relationship with ourselves.

•  Love is in our actions.

Power to Manifest Beliefs

The Power to Manifest Beliefs (Teams)


•  Life is a series of events that will make up our personal history.

•  The good life can be what we dream it to be.

•  The path to living the good life is carved with the power of what is good in ourselves.

•  Choosing to manifest our beliefs or (“the good life”) means deciding to create life events that are wondrous, loving, miraculous.

•  At the end of our days, people will remember us as living life to the fullest; giving it all we had, leaving no stone unturned.

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Team Transformation

Typical Power 7 Series Deployment

  • Personal and organizational assessments (pre- and post-program)

  • Experiential workshops led by Coaches that engage teams of people

  • On-Site and online professional coaching

  • Apps and tools that support behavior changes

  • Personal action plans with accountability partners

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