Lane Michel

Lane Michel

VeraHeart Founder, Coach, Consultant

“My ultimate success is to make positive contributions to you so that you can find and fulfill your life purpose,

and live your heart adventure.”

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Coach Lane Michel

Mount Shasta


• Be truly heard through listening that connects with your heart and soul.

• Speak your truth safely and honestly.

• Resolve depleting emotions to reduce conflict, stress and confusion.

• Experience your own wisdom unfolding that is complete and right all by itself.

• Discover, clarify and energize your purpose that is your reason for being.

• Be inspired to choose your fullest potential every day.

• Define and affirm what you want to happen in your life, what you intend to manifest.

• Invite synchronicity that supports your path in career, family and personal fulfillment.


Services include: Life Coaching, Executive Coaching


• Emphasize the role of people in your strategy, customer relationships, innovation and operational effectiveness.

• Trust that the truth will be found and you will hear it.

• Rapidly get more off your list of critical needs for your organization.

• Rely on commitment to deploy mindful, intuitive and experienced business know-how.


Services Include: 

Management Strategy, Organization and Culture Development, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationships & Experience



Training & Workshops

• Three decades of experience developing people and teams.

• Drivers and nuances of corporations, non-profit organizations and local government agencies incorporated into design and delivery.

• Intuitive, successful and inspiring events that are a transformational milestone.

Events include:

HeartMath: Resilience and Stress Management, HeartMath Certified Trainer

VeraHeart Power 7 Series Workshop Coach

VeraHeart PeoptureTM Custom Workshop Development and Coach

Speaking Engagements

• Voice of truth, inspiration, experience, determination and reassurance for audiences of all sizes

• A bit crazy with a lot of mindful stories, wisdom and messages

Speaking engagements

Topics include:

Bringing Our Whole Being to Work… and Then Back Home

Speaking Your Truth

Resilience and Coherence, Going Far Beyond Stress Management

People are the Only Reason Why Organizations Thrive, Strive and are Alive.

Lane’s Bio

Our heart has an adventure that is distinctly different than the daily life we work so hard to manage. Lane Michel helps people remember and live their heart adventure, their reason to succeed.  Teams and organizations go through the same search for “success”. As a coach and consultant, he has helped many people and companies reach deep into their truth to make positive sustained changes. Lane is the founder of VeraHeart, living his heart adventure as an engineer, executive, entrepreneur, inspirational guide, writer and HeartMath® Certified Trainer.

Team building

Lane is available both in-person/on-site and on phone or Skype.  As a new client, enjoy a free half hour phone meeting with a quick, clear sense both will have on whether and how Lane can contribute to make a positive impact.

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