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The Power Series:

Seven Personal Development Programs to Create a Fulfilling Life

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or pick any of the seven programs you need now starting at just $49.00 each. You may optionally add personal life coaching sessions with one of our VeraHeart approved coaches.

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In just 14 days with any of the seven Power Series guided personal development programs, you have the opportunity to discover new beliefs and habits that create a fulfilling life of your choice. Even more importantly, you will put yourself into quick action!

“Just the discipline of taking the morning time to do the exercises was so difficult for me. But I thought I could push through it for 14 days. I did! I was so happy that each day I was rewarded with a new idea or insight about problems with family, friends or work. I am more aware now.” ~ SB

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The Power of Happiness Trial

You can build a life of living your dreams. Really! Sure, it takes work. The best things in life always do. Most importantly it takes making a choice to have the life you dream of. VeraHeart provides the structure and support to guide you. We help you listen to your heart, give your mind exercises and provide the means to rapidly see a different you emerge. By your choice.


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