The Power of Conflict Resolution Workshop

The Power of Conflict Resolution Workshop

Is there ANY day that passes without a crisis?

Our life today feels out of control.

Emotions like anger and frustration can take anyone over in an instant.

Life isn’t about avoiding or denying conflict. So, what’s the most powerful thing we can do?

Learn how to deal with it Quickly, Consciously, Effectively and Truthfully.

Becoming aware of our emotions is the key.

Unresolved emotions feed nearly all conflict.
Conflicts become crises when we ignore emotions.

We can learn intelligent responses to conflict, rather than reacting.

We can decide to take actions that lead to peaceful solutions.

We can feed or own power to resolve conflicts.

You can build your ability to resolve and avert crises by understanding:

Emotions that weaken and strengthen your power.

The ways in which you might be creating conflict in your life.

How to create peaceful solutions to any conflict.

Seeking the truth behind words.

Consciously choosing to use the wisdom you were born with to be powerful.

“Go to” strategies for resolving conflict work best.

Being truthful allows repeating conflicts to end.

This immersive 6-hour Workshop is your opportunity to gain the tools to more quickly resolve repeating conflicts in your life.


Your Workshop includes Guided Exercises:

Feelings: Gain the Tools for Naming and Taming Emotions

Peaceful Resolutions: Attributes to Model for Empowering Peace

Power of Truth: Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses with Truth

Resolution Strategies: Choosing to Move out of Conflict

Gratitude: What You Have, What Is Around You, Who You Are

With Personal Coaching:

Expand your heart and grow your ability to completely and peacefully resolve conflict!

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