The Power of Happiness Workshop

The Power of Happiness Workshop

In this world of “haves” and “have nots” we can associate happiness with things we have or don’t have, relationships we have or don’t have, a life we have or don’t have.

Consider this:

A feeling of joy from something outside ourselves is momentary.

But, a feeling of joy that we get from something inside is everlasting.

There is just something different about being truly happy. The truth is… a happier life is a choice.
It comes from something inside ourselves.

Being happy starts with knowing what is good inside us and how to sustain action to be happy.

Happiness 2

The Power of Happiness is sparked through understanding these 9 steps covered in your Workshop:


I demonstrate courtesy, kindness and awareness of others at all times.


I do my best always and accept that it may not be good enough.


I see mistakes as a time to exercise my courage and press on.


I can remain calm and patient when it is not my time to act.


I am clear that being impeccable protects me.


I know that supporting another person also heals and helps me.


I am not afraid to be enthusiastic and show it!


I know that acting in compassion disarms defensive, uncaring people.


I am clear what to stand for and what not to fall for.

This immersive 6-hour Workshop is your opportunity to gain the tools for happiness in your life.

Your Workshop includes Guided Exercises:

Your Unique Character: Explore Who Your Happy Strengths

Happiness Principles: Spark Your True Happiness, Put Happiness into Action

Gratitude: What You Have, What Is Around You, Who You Are

With Personal Coaching:

Expand your heart and grow your ability to build a happier life!

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