The Power of Love Workshop

The Power of Love Workshop

Let’s get real on what Love is.

Love is not a word. Love is an action.

The action of love itself leads to fulfillment.

Don’t know what that means?
You are not alone.

Love is what is missing most in our world. Today, love is associated more with hurt, betrayal and disrespect rather than kindness, caring and mutual respect. With all the negative human experiences we constantly hear about and face, we have become desensitized. However, in order to maintain a loving relationship, we must be acutely aware of all of our senses — sensitivity, sensibility, common sense and sense of responsibility. Love is what we yearn for and yet is also what we fear.

Love can prevail if we make an effort to stabilize and ignite our own individual heartfelt goodness. This kind of loyalty to ourselves instigates a change in our way of thinking, our way of being and our way of loving. We will then no longer accept things in our space that do not serve our highest good.  We will no longer let our hearts go unconscious and numbed. Love that was once extremely excruciating becomes extraordinarily exquisite.

One thing is clear:
 Love takes being in relationships of some kind. Whether with a spouse, family, animals or places, we can love anything where we feel that special love connection energy. We cannot grow without relationships where we experience being loved and loving another. It is the action of love itself that leads to fulfillment.

Love is about giving and receiving. However, people in general take and give conditionally.

The Power of Love is in Experiencing, Examining, Exploring, Exchanging and Expanding your loving.  It is in sourcing and loving compassion and gratitude more and more every day.


This immersive 6-hour Workshop is your opportunity to broaden your understanding of Love.

Your Workshop includes Guided Exercises!

Compassion: Renew Your Energy, Put Love into Action

Gratitude: What You Have, What Is Around You, Who You Are

Love: Experiencing, Examining, Exploring, Exchanging & Expanding

With Personal Coaching:

Expand your Heart and grow your capacity to love and be loved!

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