The Power to Manifest the Good Life Workshop

The Power to Manifest the Good Life Workshop

What story are you writing for your life?
Your good life is what you imagine, believe and intend.

The difference in living good or not starts within you.
Unfortunately, most of us have no idea how to manifest our innate power.

You can change that right now. It is your choice.


First, the good life begins with what is good in yourself.

Do you want to truly know you?


Second, choose a dream and make it your unfolding story.

Do you remember your biggest dreams as if they were real?


Third, create and affirm life events you choose.

Do you want experience the wondrous, loving and miraculous?

The good life you dream for yourself can be created NOW.
The truth is: choice, not chance, determines your life.

You can manifest your dreams through expanding your heart and understanding:


The opposite of loving is judging.

Live honestly to manifest a good life.

It is worth the time to evaluate choices and life path.

Only you are responsible for a higher standard than others expect.

Consciously feel and express gratitude every day.

Genuinely respecting and honoring others consistently.

Believing that everything will work out right.

Sharing and being generous creates abundance in life.

Doubts diminish dreams, so make firm decisions.

This immersive 6-hour Workshop is your opportunity to create the life you dreamed.

Your Workshop Includes Guided Exercises:

Your Innate Qualities: Your Goodness if the Foundation for Manifesting

Gratitude: What You Have, What Is Around You, Who You Are

Intention: Specific Choices with Affirmation, Your Energy Expanded

With Personal Coaching:

Expand your Heart and grow your capacity to manifest your life choices!

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