The Power of Positive Cause & Effect Workshop

The Power of Positive Cause & Effect Workshop

Look how relentless Mother Nature is in shaping our world.  That might seem like your life too.

Feeling at the mercy of some random over-powering force.

Life can feel full of problems, crises, disappointments. Does that make us powerless?
Absolutely not!

No matter what is happening around us, within us or to us, we can choose to change it.

What we say, do, or decide… Where we go… How we handle every day… Has to do with cause and effect.

We can stop just being the effect and instead become the cause for our life, a positive cause that leads to better effects.

Learn how to pause, listen, consider then choose your thoughts, words and actions to take charge of your life.

Not being afraid to speak my truth.

When you know what is right, you stick to it.

When you make a mistake, you make amends for it.

You can manifest dreams even if feeling overwhelmed.

Utilize fears as a vehicle for having more power.

Believe miracles happen in your life.

Find a collage of mentors who help create your life.

This immersive 6-hour Workshop is your opportunity to broaden your understanding of how to shape your world, to be the cause of good things in your life.

Your Workshop includes Guided Exercises!

Igniting Your SPARK: Tools that Keep You Clear, Strong and Moving into Action

Turning Fears into Faith: Clearing Confusion and Doubt

Believing: Expecting a Thousand Tiny Miracles

Gratitude: What You Have, What Is Around You, Who You Are

With Personal Coaching:

Expand your Heart and grow your capacity to live your fullest dreams!

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